I am an artist, a scientist, a mom, and a photographer. Ever since I was a child I've always drawn, doodled, painted. I have many fond memories from art classes and competitions growing up in Korea. Watercolor has always been my favorite medium because how it lets light into a painting. As a scientist at UC Berkeley and UCSF, I studied how brain cells communicate with one another. I've collected brilliant and beautiful data using some of the most sophisticated and expensive microscopes in the world. While doing cutting edge neuroscience research, I also learned fundamentals of optics. But it was not until I became a mom that I found a new passion that perfectly combined my creative and analytical powers - photography. With my two young children, it is a joy capturing those everyday precious moments into the proverbial picture that's worth a thousand words. I'm also the classroom photographer for my daughter's preschool for the third year. So I've gotten quite good at navigating through a room full of children while getting the shots that matter.

I learn everyday. I love everyday. I take pictures everyday, well, almost!

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