Sue Choi Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sue Choi Photography (Sue Choi Photography) Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:22:00 GMT Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:22:00 GMT Sue Choi Photography: Blog 120 80 A new holiday mini season starts - San Mateo Family Photographer It was two years ago when I met Bridget's family for the first time.  It is such a special feeling to have my clients return to me for multiple photography sessions.  I get to know them better each time, plus I get to see the children growing over the years.  We headed to one of my favorite spots in the Bay Area, San Mateo Central Park and had a great time exploring and creating beautiful images.  Thank you guys & see you next year~!


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A Fabulous Frozen Fourth Birthday - Millbrae Children's photographer I was so lucky to photograph a precious little girl Avva's 4th birthday at Little Gym in Millbrae.  She like many girls nowadays loves Frozen, so the whole party was decorated with Frozen characters, balloons, cupcakes, everywhere!  Her family and friends had a fabulous time being active in the gym, running, and jumping!  Here are some photographs of this fun party.  Happy 4th Avva!!

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Hi-ya! A Taekwondo birthday - Burlingame Children's Photographer We as parents are so lucky to have so, so many choices for children's birthday parties nowadays.  It seems like every day there are new play and activities spaces that offer birthday parties as an option.  This week I got to check out a really cool Taekwondo birthday party!  The birthday child gets to show off his moves and even demonstrate breaking a wooden board!  Family and friends get to experience a Taekwondo class during the party, learning the kicks and punches together.  Come food time, there is a big surprise as well.  You get to cut your cake with a huge sword - whoa!  Very impressive!  Happy Birthday Peter!  Very cool party!

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A Playground Birthday - San Jose Family Photographer One of the best things about my job is I get to develop relationships with my clients over the years.  They become part of the family as I witness children grow & families grow.  I first met this little big guy when he was a bright-as-sunshine 6 months old baby.  Now he is such a fun, active two year old & soon a big brother to be!  Family and friends gathered at a local park and playground for a fun and relaxed second birthday.  Happy Birthday!  

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Hooo's turning one? Arya's First Birthday - Fremont Family Photographer I was originally scheduled to shoot Arya's family several months earlier.  Unfortunately her big brother got sick & they had to cancel the whole party!  Luckily, everyone was feeling better for her birthday celebration this time.    Two backyards were totally decked out for the party as their next door neighbor is also a good friend!  Arya, family & friends had a special time celebrating her very first birthday together.  Happy Birthday Arya!

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A Unicorn Birthday - Redwood City Birthday Photographer Vivienne is such a lucky girl to get an adorable unicorn birthday.  The gorgeous themed and decorated party was packed with her friends and family.  And surprise!  A real unicorn showed up so everyone can get a ride!  Happy Birthday Vivienne!

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A Sunny Spring Shoot - Menlo Park Family Photographer Spring and fall are by far the best times for family portraits.  Spring time in a garden has that special energy which is very unique.  I was so happy to meet Nazgol's family at one of my favorite gardens in the bay area, Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park.  We had fun exploring the beautiful garden.  The one year old was such a good walker, he ran around the place and looked gorgeous with his big brown eyes & equally big smiles!  Fun times!

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Charlotte is One - South San Francisco Family Photographer Oh wow, I didn't mean to be away from my blog for so long!  What better way to start, or re-start my blogs but with a gorgeous pastel party for a princess's first birthday day!  Mom did a fabulous job putting together the elegant party room decorations.  And lots of family and friends came to celebrate a very special first birthday for Charlotte!  A caricature artist, balloon maker & bubble entertainer helped make the party fun for all ages.  Birthday girl really enjoyed herself and amazingly was super mellow throughout the huge party.  Happy Birthday Charlotte!


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Fall is here - Holiday Mini session - Burlingame Family Photographer Fall is definitely here!  I loved kicking off the holiday mini sessions season at Kohl mansion because you can see fall just about every corner here. Actually Kohl mansion looks amazing year round, but it looks quite perfect just about now!  We had fun exploring around the property and finding nooks here and there rich with so many shades of green highlighted by fall hues.  

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Baker Beach Family Portrait - San Francisco family photographer San Francisco Baker Beach is one of my favorite places in the bay area.  The dramatic view of the close-by Golden Gate Bridge truly makes you feel you are in San Francisco!  But, another thing that is dramatic about this location is the weather.  It can be totally fogged over, raining, sunny, cloudy, you will never know.  In our case, just to make things exciting, the weather forecast went through all of those possibilities in the few days prior to our session.  So it was that much more awesome to arrive at Baker Beach on a beautiful sunny afternoon!  Woohoo & phew!  We had lots of fun exploring the beach & the nearby woodsy areas.  Baby did so great especially with the cold gusty ocean wind & flashed me many smiles - such a cutie.  He was so fascinated by the beach sand and tried to (I think even succeeded!) eat it!  Crunchy!  Here are some of the photos from that afternoon.


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A very happy Happy Hollow Birthday - San Jose Family Photographer Happy Hollow in San Jose has everything children love - rides, zoo, picnics and birthday parties!  I was so excited to photograph Arjun's third birthday celebration there.  When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was all of the Thomas the Train themed decorations (a lot of it hand-made!) in their party area!  The area was so festive then I met the birthday boy impeccably dressed and unbelievably excited!!  Soon, the whole area was packed with friends and family to celebrate Arjun's very special birthday.  After lunch, everyone oohed and aahed over his custom Thomas themed cake.  Here are the photos to share!  Happy birthday Arjun!!

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A princess first birthday - Sunnyvale Family Events Photographer When I first found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my first baby, I started picturing all the fun girly things we would do with her when she arrived.  Cute little dresses, flowers in her hair, you know, the girly stuff.  When I arrived to meet our birthday girl Anahita, it was exactly that.  Even though she was only one, it was her big first birthday and she looked like a princess!  She was in a gorgeous dress and yes, flowers in her hair, and an adorable smile flashing two teeny teeth!  She did such a great job at her party surrounded by her loved ones!  Her parents did an amazing job decorating the park, getting everything prepared and coordinated for her party as well.  As I was busily taking photos of everything and everyone, I was thinking, oh yeah, this is so awesome!  Congratulations on your very first birthday Anahita~!  And many happy princess birthdays to come!!

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Beautiful Place to Photograph 15. SF Ferry Building & Bay Front San Francisco has many iconic landmarks that look amazing in photographs.  But when a SF realtor Michael had to choose one location for his headshot, he chose the Bay Front spot at the Rincon Park with the bow & arrow sculpture.  I learned that the official name for this is "Cupid's Span" by the way.  From there, you get the powerful and colorful sculpture and beautiful view of the Ferry building and the Bay Bridge all at the same time!  Are you due for a new set of headshot photographs for your website or business cards?

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Beautiful Places to Photograph 14. Ryan Park - Foster City Family Photographer I'm often asked what makes a good place for photos.  For me the place has to have beauty that puts you at ease.  Because it is really the people that shine on a portrait photograph.  But more importantly it has to provide some variety, meaning it offers several different "looks".  That way we can make the most of our time.  Foster City's Ryan park has always delivers and remains one of my most popular locations.  And even when I have two sessions, I am able to shoot them to give two individual looks.  Here are two sessions at Ryan Park shot over one weekend!  Can you see your family there?

Now here is another shoot, the day after!


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A golden anniversary - San Mateo Family Photographer The 50th wedding anniversary is also called the golden anniversary probably because it is so precious.  Recently I had an amazing time visiting with Loli and Drew's 50th anniversary party filled with their children and grandchildren.  Amazingly they have also lived in their house for 40 years as well!  It was such a special gathering of everyone flown in from all over the country to that house.  I was so honored to be a part of their celebration.  Congratulations & here is to many more years together!!!



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Beautiful Places to photograph 13. Palace of Fine Arts- SF Engagement photographer Weather in San Francisco can be quite tricky in July.  So when we arrived at the Palace of Fine Arts I was so excited to to see the blue sky and white puffy clouds for Joey & Lydia's engagement photo shoot!  The couple had just gotten engaged & were bubbling with love and excitement for their wedding coming up in November!  Ahhh, I remember those days!  After we enjoyed the gorgeous walk through the Palace, we headed over to Sausalito to get a few shots with the Golden Gate Bridge as well.  I loved working with the beautiful couple in beautiful San Francisco.  Congratulations!!!







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Fun Places for Birthday Party 12. Scribble Me Happy - San Mateo Event Photographer Children LOVE to draw, doodle, mix, glue, and paint.  But sometimes they do need a little direction to put it all together in a cohesive project.  Scribble me happy is an awesome place for such creative art projects any time but especially for a birthday celebration!  The clean airy space gets decorated to match your theme as well.  For Savannah's second birthday, the children had a blast making a mixed-media project using paint, crayon, glue and photographs.  At the beginning of the party, staff took pictures of everyone and printed them out.  Then they transformed themselves into a cowboy or a cowgirl riding a horse!



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A very Korean First Birthday - San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer  

I grew up in Korea so I get excited when I get to celebrate Korean culture.  So I was really psyched when I was asked to photograph a Korean-American first birthday for baby Nolan!  This is by far the most important and celebrated birthday in Korean person's life, filled with colorful traditional silk outfits, rice cakes, treats, and decorations.  Another fun element of a Korean first birthday is when several objects are laid out for the baby to grab.  Each one symbolizes a different future for the baby (for example, a stethoscope might foretell a future in medicine!).  Of course there were lots of yummy food and cakes, magician/balloon artist to make the day extra special!  Nolan is so lucky to have so many family and friends to celebrate his special day!  Happy birthday~!



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Fun Places for Birthday Party 11. Lemo's Farm - Half Moon Bay Photographer First thing that comes to mind when I think of Lemo's farm in Half Moon Bay is autumn and pumpkins.  But it really is a fun place to play & party all year round!  I had the privilege to photograph a sweet little boy's very first birthday party at Lemo's farm.  There are so many things going on at Lemo's - train ride, pony ride, balloon lady, your own jumpy house and petting zoo filled with goats!  Your birthday child, friends and family are bound to have an awesome time here!


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Bernice's family portrait - Burlingame Family Photographer Bernice & Michael own a fun and cozy play space called "Diddalidoo" in San Bruno.  My children love it there so I was so excited to shoot a family portrait for them.  We chose the beautiful Kohl Mansion in Burlingame for our fun photography session.  The entire family looked great, especially the boys with the matching t-shirts with ties(!) and were so easy to work with!  We had a great time making gorgeous pictures while exploring the property!  



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